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Worried – Overthinking – Need to make a decision = Grab a Pen

Clarity awaits! Use this writing technique if worrying, decision making Now, before you get skeptical, this is not the same as that book you kept locked under your bed as a child. Journalling is not diary writing. Instead of bitching about your BFF or crush, journalling is an excellent tool to help you deal with overwhelming emotions, unlock your intuition, and gain clarity.

Research (see notes) has show that the act of expressive writing can clear your mind’s worries and free up resources in your brain that could be put to use on other tasks. CLEAR MY WORRIES?! Sign. me. up.

Gaining clarity of your thoughts, decision making, a clear vision and feeling less stressed out are many of the well known benefits of putting pen to paper. Consequently, your emotional intelligence can also be strengthened when writing. It provides a space for you to identify, and manage your emotions while also understanding the emotions and actions of others.

Ok, so you get it. Journalling sounds like a bit of you. But where do you start?

“Writing is medicine. It is an appropriate antidote to injury. It is an appropriate companion for any difficult change.” – Julia Cameron

Let’s get started: Here is a simple yet effective writing prompt to help you gain clarity and to figure out what you really want and to start manifesting the shit out of it.

Grab pen and paper and find a calm, quiet spot. Take a few deep breaths to calm your nervous system. Add a title if wanted (My ideal work, relationship).

Tips for success:

  • Write in the present tense: Write about it as if you already have it. I have, I am, I can
  • State it in the positive: I like that my evenings are free to do what I want. (NOT I don’t want to work after hours).
  • Remove restrictions: Write as if you have NO boundaries or blocks and everything is possible.
  • Let it flow: Write down whatever comes to mind.

What now? It’s time to step into your aligned action. Not sure how to do this? Join me in Aligned Goals and Action. https://coachingwithbridie.com/coaching/ for more info.

Notes: *Study byHans Schroder, an MSU doctoral student in psychology.

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