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About Me

I am so grateful for all my experiences. I am blessed to have grown up with a supportive, loving family and a home surrounded by the sea and native bush. My teenage years were a mixture of ‘safe’ and…your usual teenage shit. I left home to go to uni and met girls who are still by my side today and of course…a boy.

Gaining a BA in Psychology and Education in New Zealand, I moved to London in 2014 with this boy. Like most Kiwis, the aim was two years in London, travel as much as we could, then return home to start all the ‘adult stuff’.

I thought I knew who I was; my fears, strengths and enough self-love, but a part of me knew there was a piece of me missing. 7 years into my relationship and 2 years into London life, I found myself progressing quickly in a career that wasn’t fulfilling me, experiencing massive burnout, my relationship over and the overwhelming feeling that can occur when living in a massive city.

As fuc*ing hard as this was at the time, this shake up needed to happen. It was the moment I stopped attaching my value, my identity, my happiness onto other people and things. I surrounded my self with books, courses, workshops and talks from people that I now call my mentors. Through dedication to honouring myself, I embarked on an epic journey of facing my fears, world travel (both solo and with mates), and a growing appreciation for my authentic self, for life and for self-growth. I have become addicted to learning, self development and aligning with my purpose;

To serve, motivate and empower people to live a life of purpose and love for oneself.​

why work with me?


I will help you expand your awareness, shift perspective and connect with your inner confidence and passions.


My deep coaching style will challenge, nurture and help you to navigate every stage as you shift and grow.


My experience, qualifications and structured sessions eliminate time wasting so you get results faster.