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About Me

Hi, I'm Bridie McHaffie. I'm a Life and Mindset Coach based in Nelson, New Zealand who helps busy women on a journey of personal development.

They find themself scared of making the wrong decisions, overthinking and not taking action, and aren't sure what will make them truly happy.

Through our coaching sessions they gain clear direction, have a vision and plan moving forward, learn to follow their intuition, know what is important to them and take action.

Guiding you to experience breakthrough moments, expanded perspective and experience your dreamed potential is what lights me up.

9 Fun Facts About Me

Feeling nosey and want to know more? No need to FB stalk, here's the dirty info:

1. I’m an energiser bunny. I love being active and will pretty much give anything a go. Volleyball, squash, wakeboarding, kayaking…I’m in!

2. I love an adventure and have travelled around 50+ countries. Solo travel, trips with mates and weekend getaways are all up my alley.

3. When I turned 27 I had to teach myself to rest. Prior to that my idea of rest was sitting on the Tube in London en route to work. No surprise I experienced massive burnout and illness. Thankfully it’s now a big part of my routine. I prioritise time by myself to recharge, meditate, read, get massages and alllll the lovely experiences that help keep me balanced.

4. I had a boyfriend for nearly 8 years. Ended it. Dated in London for 4 years, only to realiseI was holding onto some unhelpful stories around commitment, trust, opening up, being myself.

5. I did a deep dive into my healing, understanding how to rewire the brain, calm my overactive mind and gain awareness around my past relationship patterns and how to stop them from impacting my future. Anyone who has experienced this type of self growth will understand when I say it was exciting, yet personally challenging at the same time.

6. After 6 years overseas, I returned home to NZ and met someone incredible 4 days later. This man was everything I had manifested. I began to open up, trust, and let go of expectations and worry. We became a lockdown couple and bought a house after 4 months of being together.

7. We ‘work’ on our relationship all the time. He is on board with what I do with my coaching, my love of growth and person development. Together we reevaluate our values, vision for our future, discuss our challenges and share our gratitude.

8. I have a Psychology Major, Education Minor and Dip Life Coaching.

9. Personality type: …ENFP (Campaigner). What are you?

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why work with me?


I use my intuition to guide our sessions – not a cookie cutter approach. You bring your experiences, needs and dream and our sessions will reflect this individuality to support YOUR growth. 


My coaching style uses visualisations, NLP, Positive Psychology techniques and Mindfulness to challenge, nurture and help you navigate every stage as you shift and transform.


I  channel my energy  and creativity before each of our sessions together so you get the best results. Our joint curiosity, accountability and vision will get you to your ideal outcome faster.