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Student Coaching

Student Success Mindset

Embarking on tertiary education marks a transformative journey for women, filled with challenges and personal growth. Whether it’s preparing for interviews, building a professional network, or taking the first steps in your career, this coaching package will support you or your students every step of the way. 

Why Choose this Workshop Coaching Package?
1. Overcome Imposter Syndrome: Strategies to combat feelings of inadequacy.
2. Reduce Self-Doubt: Build a resilient mindset.
3. Boost Self-Efficacy: Enhance belief in their abilities.
4. Increase Confidence: Approach new challenges with conviction.


  • Smooth Transition: Adapt quickly to the professional environment.
  • Enhanced Employability: Stand out in the job market.
  • Positive Reputation: Produce well-rounded, capable graduates.
  • Long-Term Success: Achieve career success, reflecting positively on your institution. 
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  • Personalised coaching sessions
  • Practical strategies and tools
  • Supportive and inclusive environment
  • Customised content for student needs

Prepare your students or yourself for success. Empower them to become confident, capable professionals.

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"I was a little nervous to attend this event only to find I was welcomed and made to feel completely at ease. I recommend this course as I found it gave me a new outlook on life and got me motivated to change my thought patterns. I'm now excited to try these new skills and move forward in my life in a more positive way. Thank you for giving me my mogo back."
Debbie - Nelson

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I specialise in teaching you how to hack your brain and set you up for success.



NLP Practitioner: Together we will uncover your unhelpful behavioural patterns and shift your thinking to create new habits and a more aligned you.  


My experience, qualifications and structured sessions eliminate time wasting so you experience success.