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Coaching Services

Vision, Values, Goals

4 weeks of personalised one-to-one coaching. 45 minute weekly coaching, email contact, pre coaching questionnaire. 

Investment is $380 USD ($500 NZD)

This package is for you:

If you had a clear map and direction would you feel more confident with your choices and options?

Are you ready to experience the buzz, motivation and internal drive that occurs when you connect with goals that are aligned with your core values, rather than the values and dreams of others?

How much easier would decision making be if you had a clear set of values that determined your priorities and set you on the path to a fulfilled life?

Create a powerful vision that you feel connected with – The type that sets your heart on fire. 

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Calm Mind, Full Heart

Be seen, understood and loved for being you. This powerful package includes five weeks of 45 minute personalised one-to-one coaching calls each week, including pre-coaching questionnaire and in-between session email contact.

Investment is $450 USD ($600 NZD)

Feeling healthier and happier on the inside leads you to attract people who reflect this positive change. You are ready to feel seen, understood and loved for being authentically you.

No more acting and feeling small. How would it feel to fully accept and appreciate your strengths, values, passions and even the niggly bits! Once learnt, this type of confidence feels effortless. 

Imagine turning down the volume of that self judging, overthinking, negative voice so it no longer fills you with insecurity and doubt and instead make you feel empowered, worthy and sets you up for success. It’s time for a mindset shift. 

Love with purpose – knowing clearly what you want to attract, releasing the fear of making mistakes, settling or falling for the ‘wrong’ person.

The expectations and beliefs of others can be gone! Connect with and trust your intuition, ditch your overthinking and make decisions with confidence. With simple guidance you can learn to create, follow and own your own path. 

why work with me?


I will help you expand your awareness, shift perspective and connect with your inner confidence and passions.


My deep coaching style will challenge, nurture and help you to navigate every stage as you shift and grow.


My experience, qualifications and structured sessions eliminate time wasting so you get results faster.