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Coaching Packages

New client 2023 deal: 3 sessions $330

Package one:
Clarity, Purpose, Direction, Action

Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence
Confusion to Clarity

To create change we need to shift our mindset, rewire our thinking and take different action. In CPDA you will get clear about what you want, feel energized with aligned direction & learnt the tools to shift your thinking so you attract success and take action.

You’re searching for clarity & direction and I can help you.

The 7 step framework includes:
1. Developing Unshakeable Confidence – understanding of your strengths, qualities and emotional drivers, and how to use these to live the life you desire most. 

2. Clear Values & Passion –  Without clear values, it’s hard to know what the fu*k we want and where to head next. These will become your ultimate compass so you take your next steps and make decisions with confidence.

3. Kick ass Vision – No more second guessing yourself! Gain inner calm as you trust your vision and get excited by your future. 

4. Wake With Purpose – Your purpose is what you’re built for, what makes you come alive & lights you up. When you are living your purpose, everything feels right. Stop feeling like everyone else has their ‘thing’ that lights them up. It’s your turn! 

5. Goals that Motivate – putting everything you’ve just uncovered into achievable goals that are aligned with your vision. 

6. Clear, step by step action plan.

7. Celebrating Your Sexy Success!!!  –  Your life is now on a different path to when you started. You are thinking and acting differently. You have held yourself accountable and not given up. This is worth celebrating. 

Now you have a proven framework you can apply whenever you need to help you navigate life. 

3 Months of one-to-one coaching
Your Investment: $745 NZD

Where/When? CDPA is tailored to you. We’ll meet for 6 one-to-one sessions, either through Zoom or in person in Nelson, New Zealand approx 1 hour.

Take these sessions every week, 2 weeks or as often as you need.
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Package two:
Success without Stress

For busy, high-achieving women trying to do it all & feeling burnt out out in the process. 

This is your package if you are ready to reduce stress, develop inner calm & show up as a happier, less irritable version of yourself. 

The new you will:

1. Feel your relationships strengthening as you show up as a happier, less irritable & more joyful version of yourself with your friends/partner/children/colleagues. 

2. Experience greater life balance as you give your time and energy to things you actually give a shit about. You will also become a master and knowing what to give your “fuck no” to – rather than stretching your self too thin and becoming burnt-out in the process. 

3. Be buzzing as you have achieved goals that are aligned with your vision and have clear action steps so life doesn’t feel so busy and stressful.

4. Use breath-work and mindfulness practices to calm your active mind and regulate your nervous system so you take clear, aligned action. 

5. Had a mindset shift with the help of hypnotherapy and NLP, so you move forwards with a new way of thinking and take confident action. 

6. Have clear boundaries in place so you surround yourself with energy givers (not takers) & can focus on what’s important.

7. Be experiencing greater inner calm as you have set up habits and routines that reduce the impact of stress, and deal with challenges as they arise, without the overwhelm. 

3 months, fortnightly one-to-one sessions. Zoom or face to face in Nelson. 

Investment: $745

why work with me?


I specialise in teaching you how to hack your brain and set you up for success.



NLP Practitioner: Together we will uncover your unhelpful behavioural patterns and shift your thinking to create new habits and a more aligned you.  


My experience, qualifications and structured sessions eliminate time wasting so you experience success.


Is it time to make a change?

Is it time to reduce the noise, get clarity on your life’s direction, values, vision and find out what will make you feel the biggest sense of fulfillment, meaning and happiness in life? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re ready

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