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Transformative Coaching

Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence.
Confusion to Clarity.
Autopilot to Mindful Living.

Welcome to Bridie McHaffie Coaching

I am your Coach and Growth Facilitator guiding you as you shift old habits, rewire outdated thinking, and break unhelpful thought and behavioural patterns. Move forwards in your life with confidence and clarity with my best selling 3 month Uncover, Rewire, Reignite coaching program.

Whether it’s gaining clarity around what you should do next, how to take action and stop self-sabotaging or having a happier, healthier mind, this programme is for you. 

Who I Coach

I work with busy women who ‘KNOW’ what they want/need, but are struggling to ‘DO’ the changes required to create lasting positive change. They are tired of running on autopilot, carrying out automatic, habitual behaviours that don’t serve them or reflect what they deeply desire. They are ready to change, ready to do the ‘work’ and want someone to hold them accountable. 


What I do

Personal coaching (online and in person),  Group workshops,  Online courses,   Public speaking events.

How we work together 

1. Uncover.     2. Rewire    3. Reignite

My Uncover, Rewire, Reignite programme sets you up with the tools and mindset to intentionally create the life you want, while creating your conscious Self.  

This is about UNCOVERING the hidden, automatic, subconscious parts of your thinking that have kept you feeling stuck in unhelpful patterns and behaviours. 

I then teach you how to dissolve old programming & inner challenges and create new neural pathways. You will gain tools for life to REWIRE your thinking when needed & develop a mindset that supports you through both the good and challenging times of life. 

Then you are ready to REIGNITE. Together we create a step by step action plan that reinforces your new way of thinking to develop habits and behaviours that support your goals and vision. Reactive and passive living will become a thing of the past as you begin to live with clear intention and purpose. 

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Our coaching together creates space to change your trajectory, experience your life with more joy, less overwhelm and the feeling that everything is coming together perfectly for you. 

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why work with me?


 I have a BA Psychology, Dip Life Coaching. Additionally I am a qualified NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner & use Mindfulness and traditional coaching techniques to challenge, nurture and help you navigate every stage of your transformation. 


Each session is personalised specifically to you and your desired outcome. You will feel totally supported, nurtured and challenged at just the right level for your transformation. Between session contact allows for even greater accountability and growth.


I guarantee results. My clients experience powerful positive shifts in their thinking, mindset and habits. 

You will too.