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Clarity Coaching

Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence
Confusion to Clarity

Gain clarity, take action, shift your thinking and experience success through Mindset & Life Coaching with Bridie McHaffie, online from anywhere or in-person in Nelson, New Zealand.

Most of the women I have worked with have similar stories – of course there were different versions, but I couldn’t help but notice what they had in common.

They had relatively supportive families who encouraged them to work hard and get a good job. Being successful became a driving force and they learnt to enjoy the feeling of gaining achievements and working their way up. Proving to them self and others that they were doing well. Worthy.

The path they took was supposed to lead to success and happiness. Yet the more they did, they more empty they started to feel.
Deep down they knew they had a greater purpose – there just had to be more! They craved meaning and clarity. So they started to fill their calendars with new experiences, friend dates, exercise, study – you name it! They tired to set up new habits that would help them to feel more grounded, present, less worried. It would go well for a week or two, but then they started talking them self out of taking action and sabotaging their own success.

Something has to change. They were left thinking “I did everything right! So how the fuck have I ended up more confused about who and what I want!?” I know this story well, because this is my story too.

Who I Coach

I partner with women on a journey of self discovery to help them shift from Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence and Confusion to Clarity.

What I do

Clarity and Life Coaching,   One to one coaching,  Group workshops,   Online courses,   Public speaking events.

Our Coaching Package

Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence
Confusion to Clarity

The 7 step framework includes:
1. Unshakeable Confidence – You will build up a deep understanding of your strengths, qualities and emotional drivers, and how to use these to live the life you desire most. 

2. Clear Values & Passion – This step is paramount to gaining clear direction and purpose and will underpin everything we do together. Understanding what you value means knowing what is TRUELY important to you and the way you live your life. This will be your ultimate compass to taking your next steps and making decision with confidence.

3. Clear Personal Vision – Using powerful visualisation techniques you will create and discover your life vision (what a meaningful, fulfilling life looks and feels like for you). No more feeling lost and confused. You can now rest your once overactive mind with the knowledge that you know what you want, why you want it and where you are heading.

4. Clear Purpose – We dive even deeper when you discover your purpose. Your purpose is what you’re built for. And in every case I’ve ever seen, it’s also what makes you come alive, what lights you up. It is how you are wired. When you are living your purpose, everything feels right.

5. Clear Goals – putting everything you’ve just uncovered into achievable goals that feel just right and keep you moving in line with what gets you excited and completely fulfilled. 

6. Clear & Aligned Action Steps – Breaking your goals into clear, bite sized pieces so you take your next steps with confidence. 

7. Celebrating Your Achievements and Clarity – You have grown so much. Your life is now on a different path to when you started. You have held yourself accountable and not given up. This is worth celebrating. 

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Our coaching together creates space to change your trajectory, experience your life with more joy, less overwhelm and the feeling that everything is coming together perfectly for you. 

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why work with me?


I use my intuition to guide our sessions – not a cookie cutter approach. You bring your experiences, needs and dream and our sessions will reflect this individuality to support YOUR growth. 


My coaching style uses visualisations, NLP, Positive Psychology techniques and Mindfulness to challenge, nurture and help you navigate every stage as you shift and transform.


I  channel my energy  and creativity before each of our sessions together so you get the best results. Our joint curiosity, accountability and vision will get you to your ideal outcome faster.