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Free coaching tools and resources

Get started on your personal growth journey with these free coaching tools and resources from Life and Clarity Coach, Bridie McHaffie.

What Do You Really Want? [Free PDF Worksheet]

7 Steps to Clear Direction and Easy Decision Making

If you are like many of the women I work with, you are curious about which direction to go in next and how to know if it will be right for you. 

So check out these 7 proven steps that I use with so many of my clients. I am sure you will find them useful too.

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What do you really want Values

Overcome Your Inner Critic & Boost Confidence

A Guide to Nurturing Self-Trust and Mastering Your Inner Critic

In our quest for personal growth and self-empowerment, it is essential to navigate the realm of our inner critic and embrace our inner power. 

This guide is designed to help you increase self-confidence, gain awareness of your inner critic, and foster self-trust. 

Are you ready to discover actionable strategies to silence self-doubt and uncover the resilient, confident woman within you? You have come to the right place. 

Copy of Gratitude Cover

Happy Mind, Happy Life - For Busy Women Who Want to Shift Their Thinking and Find Greater Peace and Happiness. [Free E-Book]

This e-book contains 6 proven effective ways to increase your happiness, calm your overactive mind and find greater peace and fulfillment (without chasing it). It’s the result of three years of psychology study and client research, and you can receive these learnings absolutely free! 

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14 Days of Journal Prompts [Free E-Book]

Journal prompts for deeper SELF awareness, trust and compassion

You are on an incredible self-development journey. If you are curious to find out more about yourself and become the best version of yourself, this is the free guide for you! 

Journaling is a great way to delve deeper into our thinking, our emotions, beliefs and to gain a stronger understanding of yourself. It helps you create order when your world feels like it’s in a muddle, but it can be difficult to get started.

Here are 14 days of journaling prompts to get you started on your journaling journey to self awareness, trust and compassion. 

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Cover 14 Day Journal Prompts

21 Days of Gratitude [Free editable PDF]

Ready to shift your thinking and develop a positive mindset?

When I reached burnout in 2018, this was the first tool I used to shift my thinking and help me gain clarity and enjoyment of life again. Little did I know the power it would have.

Give yourself the gift of clarity, presence and gratitude by taking a moment each day to think about 3 things you are feeling grateful for. It may feel forced at first, but things will start shifting. For me, after only a few days of doing this I was noticing little things, beautiful moments, connections, nature and my heart started to feel full again. 

So I created this journal as a gift for you, so you too can take a wonderful step in your journey of self-discovery. 

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Gratitude Cover



"My life coaching sessions with Bridie have been incredibly valuable and eye-opening. During my very first session, she identified a few insights that were like light switches for me - really on point and changed my mindset. She helped me realise what was actually important to me and what I wanted to achieve. By session two, we had actions in place that I could easily implement daily and use to work towards my goals. Bridie herself is warm and positive. She offers insightful perspectives, and she guided me to have more lightbulb moments. I really recommend working with her to assess the areas of your life that need attention, working together to see exactly how that can be achieved!"
Dana Broekhuizen
"Bridie has a great balance between listening and offering her insights. She has this warmth which makes it extremely easy to talk to her about my current situation. During my session, she challenged my thinking and got me to think outside the box whilst providing encouragement. Every question she asked was meaningful and got me a step closer to uncovering what I needed. By the end of my session, she made sure I knew what my short term goals were for the week and what I needed to do to work towards them. Looking forward to our next session!"
Casey Zhang
"Bridie is a gem! She has shared her passion and love for helping others find a better version of themselves with me. I shared a lot with her, but she always remained discreet and compassionate, and found a solution at every obstacle to help me succeed. Her genuine positivity and desire to see women succeed and shift mindsets is so inspiring and "catching!" Bridie not only listens, she has a strong attention to detail and is very thorough. Her advice and recommendations to help shift my mindset from negative to positive were bang on, and fitted my life and goals perfectly. And all of that in just 3 sessions."
Lucy Jackson
"I have 2 life coaching sessions with Bridie when I was so stuck with my career as new graduate. I feel confused and self-doubt about myself, all of my confidence has left me. But thanks to Bridie, I realised the values and strengths that have in me, that I should use them to apply for my career, to find the happiness in all the things I have been doing, instead of chasing and trying to change myself for something called passion. Thank you for your help Bridie and I am so thankful to meet you."
Nhu Nguyen
"Working with Bridie has literally changed my life! Her incredible energy, positivity, wisdom and guidance supported me through a tough 2019 helping me recognise that I am enough. Bridie goes above and beyond, she made the effort to understand me as a person, introducing me to a variety of support networks to enhance a more positive mindset and overall increased well being. Just talking to her lifts my spirits and allows me to see a brighter future. I feel so lucky to have Bridie as a life coach. My world and my heart is bigger because of her! Thank you Bridie ❤"
Kara Dunn