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Success without Stress Workshop

Goodbye exhaustion, stress and overwhelm.

You are ready for things to change and are committed to taking action. You’re tired of seeing the same patterns repeat year after year, despite knowing you want to develop more positive habits.

The techniques in this workshop will become your go to for success without stress, improving your wellbeing and enjoying life with greater balance and joy.

What we will cover:

  • Identifying when stress is taking hold
  • Knowing yourself – strengths, limits, rest requirements
  • Boundaries to reduce stress and set you up for success
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming techniques to deal with stressful thoughts
  • Reprogramming the subconscious mind for long lasting positive change
  • Mindfulness & breathing techniques

Where: Haven Health Collective – 127 Hardy Street, Nelson

When: Saturday 4th March 10am – 1pm

Investment: $45

Email me once purchased.

Bridie McHaffie – Clarity and Life Coach

BA Psychology and Education, NLP Practitioner, Dip Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy Practitioner

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