Doing Goals Differently


In the midst of life’s hustle, the path ahead can seem hazy, leaving us uncertain about our desires. We often navigate on autopilot, responding to the world around us without a clear direction. Setting specific goals demands trade-offs, and many shy away from making those necessary sacrifices.

For those genuinely dedicated to fostering enduring positive changes this year, consider adopting a potent NLP framework. Take charge of your journey by grabbing a pen and paper, and dive into the transformative power of strategic action planning right now.

  1. What do you want?
    • 1a. State your goal in positive terms.
    • 1b. Be self-directed.
  2. Make the goal appropriately sized (Do you feel inspired and motivated to achieve it or does it feel overwhelming?)
    **Remember you can create this smaller goal, celebrate your success and then create a new goal to continue towards your overall vision.
  3. How will you know when you have achieved it? What will be your evidence of success?
  4. Where, or in what situation(s) will the goal be relevant? Where might it be irrelevant?
  5. What stops you from pursuing this goal wholeheartedly?
  6. What personal resources do you already possess that you can draw upon to help you achieve your goal? eg. Personable, analytical, well spoken, enthusiastic etc
  7. What additional resources do you need in order to achieve your goal?
  8. How might the pursuit of your goal affect the important people in your life? Is there any risk associated with achieving this goal? eg. Partner could be upset that I am away from home more often.
  9. What are the daily actions you will need to take in order to achieve your goal? What is the first step you can take today?

    *Additional step: Visualise yourself having achieved the goal. What does it feel like? What can you see around you? How do you show up at home/work/social?
  10. Given everything I have considered to this point, is achieving this goal worth the effort?

Keep this visualisation alive in your mind. Reconnect with how it feels to be living with your desired outcome – this will be your fuel for taking daily action. Creating a life that aligns with your vision involves making small changes daily. It involves living as if your goal is already achieved. You will notice your thinking starting to shift, your internal words supporting your growth and vision. (If you notice old patterns and behaviours trying to sneak back in, get in touch).

Looking for support and an accountability partner? I am here for you. You don’t have to spend hours, weeks, months trying to work this out on your own. Helping you achieve your goals is WHAT I DO.

Click here to jump on a FREE Clarity Call and find out if my coaching is right for you.

With love,

Bridie x

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