Nelson Workshop: How to Create Life Direction and Motivation

Are you ‘busy’ all the time but not totally fulfilled? Do you find yourself overthinking and worrying that you’re not heading in the right direction? These are normal feelings AND there is another way.

If you are wanting clearer direction in your life and to trust the decisions you make are taking you down a path that’s best for you,

I invite you to join us at Fairfield House for this women’s only workshop where I will guide you through HOW to create life direction and motivation.

You will be guide through HOW to identify your most important personal values and how to use these to change your life and experience success.

  • Clear direction
  • Life feels more meaningful and fulfilling
  • Successful, connected relationships with others
  • Make decisions with ease
  • Less uncertainty
  • Motivation to achieve your goals

Get your tickets here 

Bridie McHaffie Life Coaching

BA Psychology and Education, Dip Life Coaching, NLP Practitioner

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